Unassigned Lands

Unassigned Lands, or Oklahoma, were in the center of the lands ceded to the United States by the Creek (Muskogee) and Seminole Indians following the Civil War and on which no other tribes had been settled. By 1883 it was bounded by the Cherokee Outlet on the north, several relocated Indian reservations on the east, the Chickasaw lands on the south, and the Cheyenne-Arapaho reserve on the west. The area amounted to 1,887,796.47 acres (2,949 miles² or 7,640 km²).

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Oklahoma Territory - History - William Couch and The Opening
... This act authorized negotiations for the cession of unoccupied lands belonging to the Creek Indians, the Seminole Indians, and the Cherokee Indians ... led a group of Creek who offered to sell their unoccupied lands ... Within weeks, they sold their Unassigned Lands to the United States ...
History Of Oklahoma - Oklahoma and Indian Territories - Land Runs
... Under these treaties, tribes would sell at least part of their land in Oklahoma to the U.S ... This land would be widely called the Unassigned Lands or Oklahoma Country in the 1880s due to it remaining uninhabited for over a decade ... Boudinot argued that these Unassigned Lands be open for settlement because the title to these lands belonged to the United States and "whatever may have been the desire or intention of ...
Unassigned Lands - The Settlement and Statehood
... The lands were to be settled by a land run ... On April 22, 1889, the Oklahoma lands were settled by what would later be called the Run of '89 ... Most land disputes were settled without bloodshed, although a few took years to resolve ...
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... March 2, 1889, signed the 1889 Act which officially opened the Unassigned Lands to white settlers under tenets of the Homestead Act ... this original act, those who entered these unassigned lands illegally, before their respective racing times as designated in the President’s opening proclamation, would be ... as the "sooner clause.” But there was growing political pressure to open these unassigned lands to settlement quickly ...
David L. Payne
... trained, and led the "Boomer Army" on its forays into the Unassigned Lands ... Payne's excursions into the Unassigned Lands, trips led by others, and lobbying of Congress by railroad interests eventually convinced the government to open the Unassigned Lands for settlement in 1889, about four ...

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