UMSL Student Government Association

UMSL Student Government Association

The UMSL Student Government Association (SGA) is a student run government set up to provide a voice for students when dealing with administration of the University of Missouri–St. Louis (UMSL). SGA has three branches, executive, legislative and judicial, and also a constitution. SGA was started in 1963 when the University was founded and has been through many constitutional changes, the most recent in 2004. SGA includes members from every student organization and students from every college on campus. This government incorporates both undergraduate and graduate in its student body. UMSL's SGA, along with the 3 other campuses in the University of Missouri System student governments sends two members to a meeting of what is called the Intercampus Student Council. SGA has been involved in many changes for students around the campus, including getting funds for the Bentan Hall renovation. It is responsible for approving student fees before they go to the board of curators of the University of Missouri System and divides out the campus Activity's Fees to fund student organization's budgets.

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