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Ultraman Nexus' Modes

  • Anphans (アンファンス, Anfansu?)
    Anphans mode is Ultraman Nexus's default mode, completely silver and grey save for the Color Timer. Anphans grants the user all of the most basic powers. Anphans is also the form that is always present when first transforming. All other modes must be shifted to instead of appearing automatically and usually used by any Dunamists. Along with being Nexus' most basic form, he also has a limited amount of time to fight in this mode. Anphans mode's finishing attack is a beam fired from the Color Timer on Ultraman's chest.
  • Junis (ジュネッス, Junessu?) (2-25),(37)
    Junis mode resembles most of the other Ultras. It is mostly red, with silver and black patches on the arms, legs, and torso and a classic Color Timer on the chest. Junis mode also grants the user additional abilities and is usually used by Jun Himeya. When in this mode, Nexus is able to create the Meta Field, a dome of light that transports himself and any opponent to an alternate dimension so that he can safely battle without causing damage to their surroundings. The analysis showed later that the Meta Field is actually a manifestation of the host's physical body, which was why every battle affected Himeya so greatly and continued to weaken him. Ren, due to his nature as a son of Prometheus, is not weakened by the Meta Field manifestation. Junis mode's ultimate attack is the Over Ray Storm, an L-shape beam attack fired from Nexus' right forearm .
  • Junis Blue (ジュネッスブルー, Junessu Burū?) (26-37)
    Junis Blue mode is a blue version of Junis, generally sleeker in appearance and overall faster and more agile than the previous modes. It has all the powers of Junis, plus three more and is primarily used by Ren Senjyu. Junis Blue's finisher is Over Arrow Ray Storm, a narrow beam fired from an energy bow created from the Armed Nexus on Ultraman's forearm.
  • Ultraman Noa (ウルトラマンノア, Urutoraman Noa?) (37)
    Ultraman Noa is the final form of Ultraman Nexus and is the original form, called "Ultimate Final Style" of Ultraman Nexus. Ultraman Noa is entirely silver aside from the now-glowing Color Timer on his chest and sports two large wing like structures on his back. Ultraman Noa has three very powerful attacks; Lightning Noa, Noa Spark, and Noa Inferno. Ultraman Noa is obtained shortly after merging with the fourth and the fifth Dunamists. Komon is the only Dunamist out of the five to have transformed into this mode to battle Dark Zagi in the final episode.

Noa later appears in the 2010 feature film Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial as the guardian of the Shield of Baradhi, which he later bestows upon Ultraman Zero. It is also a popular theory among fans that the ancient Ultraman referenced in the seventh episode of the original Ultraman series, "The Blue Stone of Baradhi," is also Noa.

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