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The Dark Side

  • Riko Saida (斉田リコ, Saida Riko?)/Dark Faustus (ダークファウスト, Dăku Fausuto?)
    Komon's kind-hearted artist girlfriend. It was later revealed that she had actually died at the day she met Komon, when her family was attacked by the Space Beast Nosferu. Mizorogi arrived on the scene, but turned around and shot her instead. She was resurrected to become a pawn of the darkness, unwittingly serving as the human form for Dark Faust, Nexus' first enemy. However in the end, Riko's consciousness won out during a battle with Nosferu where Komon became trapped in the Meta Field, and she shielded him with his/her body against an attack. The revelation that Riko was Faust and her death shocked Komon considerably, and he took a long time to recover.
  • Shinya Mizorogi (溝呂木眞也, Mizorogi Shinya?)/Dark Mephisto (ダークメフィスト, Dāku Mefisuto?)
    The former deputy captain of the Night Raiders, who went missing in 2008 during a mission with Nagi, also his former girlfriend. In reality, Mizorogi had merged with the Dark Giant known as Dark Mephisto. He is portrayed as cruel and manipulative, playing mind games with Komon and other people and seeming to take delight in antagonizing Nagi, his ex-girlfriend, as well. Using the Dark Evolver, Mizorogi can transform into Dark Mephisto as the most frequently appearing enemy of Nexus. Dark Mephisto is able to generate the Dark Field, which neutralizes the effects of the Meta Field and gives him an advantage in battle. In Nexus' climactic battle with Mephisto, it is presumed that both perished, but Mizorogi is found alive, although wounded and with absolutely no memory about Faust and his battles with Nexus. Eventually he discovers that he has been nothing but a pawn himself, manipulated by the Unknown Hand to become Dark Mephisto just as he manipulated Riko to become Dark Faust. He had also lost the ability to become Mephisto, but when the Unknown Hand sends down Dark Mephisto Zwei against Junis Blue, Mizorogi gets his chance at redemption, transforming by force of will back to Mephisto, and holds Zwei down so that Nexus can destroy him. Both Mephistos perished, and Shinya dies in Nagi's arms, and he reminded her that the traitor (Dark Zagi) is among them.
  • Hiroyuki Misawa (三沢広之, Misawa Hiroyuki?)/Dark Mephisto Zwei (ダークメフィストツヴァイ, Dāku Mefisuto Tsuvai?)
    He was part of the Memory Police that fell under control of the Unknown Hand. He has the same powers as Dark Mephisto and only differs in eye color with Zwei being red instead of black. Thanks to the interference of the original Dark Mephisto, now on the side of good, Zwei is destroyed by Nexus.
  • Unknown Hand (アンノウンハンド, An'nōn Hando?)
    It is described as the unlimited darkness which controlled the Dark Giants and Space Beasts behind the scenes. It has the ability to generate a Dark Field G and it can power up Space Beasts. In the end of the series, its identity was revealed as Dark Zagi (ダークザギ, Dāku Zagi?), Mitsuhiko Ishibori of the Night Raiders. Dark Zagi eventually took his true form and assaulted the city before being confronted by Nexus. While Zagi was able to hold off Nexus' physical attacks and even deflect all his finishing attacks with his bare hands, Ultraman Nexus eventually evolves into Ultraman Noa. Noa proves to be too powerful for Dark Zagi to contend with and Zagi is literally blasted into space. Noa fires his Lightning Noa attack and Zagi attempts to counter with his own beam but is overpowered and finally killed in a huge explosion.

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