Ueki may refer to:

  • Ueki (surname)
  • Ueki, Kumamoto, a former town in Japan

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The Law Of Ueki Plus - Plot
... Two years after the tournament in The Law of Ueki, Kosuke Ueki is now a 3rd year student in Hinokuni Junior High School ... Ueki is the only one unaffected, and is fighting in order to restore everyone's memories ...
List Of The Law Of Ueki Characters - Other Power Users - Li Ho
... Li Ho considers Ueki his rival and wants to become a strong fighter in honor of his father, who fell victim to the plague ... his hair into a staff, in his first battle against Ueki ... Originally, he fights Ueki using a move he calls the Secret of the Cave Demon (秘鍵巌窟王, hiken gankutsuou?) but succumbs to its weakness when Ueki grabs hold of his shoulders ...
The Law Of Ueki Plus
... The Law of Ueki PLUS (うえきの法則+, Ueki no Hōsoku PURASU?) is a Japanese manga sequel to the manga and anime The Law of Ueki written and illustrated by Tsubasa ...
List Of The Law Of Ueki Characters - Ueki's Family - Haruko Ueki
... Ueki Haruko (植木 春子?) Voiced by Megumi Hayashibara Ueki's adoptive mother ... in a car accident the same day in which Ueki arrived on Earth ... Her maiden surname is Ueki and she mentions that she has a boyfriend who is a writer, which is also Gengoro's occupation ...