Type Ia Supernovae

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Super Nova - Current Models - Energy Output
... Although we are used to thinking of supernovae primarily as luminous visible events, the electromagnetic radiation they produce is almost a minor side-effect of the explosion ... Particularly in the case of core collapse supernovae, the emitted electromagnetic radiation is a tiny fraction of the total event energy ... difference between the balance of energy production in the different types of supernova ...
The Dark Energy Survey - Supernovae - SN Data
... To determine the distances to these stars, cosmologists use the fact that Type Ia supernovae are nearly "standard candles" exploding stars of this type all have nearly the same absolute brightness or luminosity when ... By comparing the apparent brightness of two supernovae (called as distance modulus), we can thus determine their relative distances ... Type Ia supernovae are the cosmic equivalent of cars with the same wattage of headlights ...
History Of Supernova Observation - 1970–1999
... The modern standard model for Type Ia supernovae explosions is founded on a proposal by Whelan and Iben in 1973, and is based upon a mass-transfer scenario to a degenerate companion star ... Through observation of the light curves of many Type Ia supernovae, it was discovered that they appear to have a common peak luminosity ... Thus this category of supernovae has become highly useful as a standard candle for measuring cosmic distances ...

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