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Musical Tuning - Tuning Systems
... A tuning system is the system used to define which tones, or pitches, to use when playing music ... The creation of a tuning system is complicated because musicians want to make music with more than just a few differing tones ... Finding a successful combination of tunings has been the cause of debate, and has led to the creation of many different tuning systems across the world ...
Music Of Georgia (country) - Folk Music - Scales and Tuning System
... Gogotishvili, who suggested distinguishing diatonic scales based on a system of perfect fourths and those based on a system of perfect fifths ... A system based on perfect fourths is mostly present in Eastern Georgia, but scales based on perfect fifths are spread wider, both in eastern and ... In East Georgian table songs the scale system is based on a combination of the systems of fourth and fifth diatonic scales ...
Arabian Maqam - Tuning System
... are microtonal, not based on a twelve-tone equal-tempered musical tuning system, as is the case in modern Western music ...
Beale Piano - History - Australia's First Piano Manufacturer
... Beale introduced the all-iron tuning system, for which a patent was granted in 1902 ... This tuning system was referred to in earlier Beale pianos as the "Beale-Vader tuning system" ... electroplating Keyboard action-making and fitting Tuning and intoning Polishing rooms Experimental laboratories The business continued to operate after Octavius Beale’s death in a car ...

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