Tubing may refer to:

  • Tubing (material), flexible hose or pipe (material)
  • Tubing (recreation), the act of riding an inner tube
  • Structural tubing
  • Plumbing tube used in domestic water systems
  • Inserting a tube
  • Brass instrument tubing

Other articles related to "tubing":

Completion (oil And Gas Wells) - Lower Completion - Conventional Completions
... Casing and tubing flow means that the there is tubing within the casing that allows fluid to reach the surface ... This tubing can be used as a kill string for chemical injection ... The tubing may have a “no-go” nipple at the end as a means of pressure testing ...
Completion (oil And Gas Wells) - Completion Components - Production Tubing
... Production tubing is the main conduit for transporting hydrocarbons from the reservoir to surface (or injection material the other way) ... It runs from the tubing hanger at the top of the wellhead down to a point generally just above the top of the production zone ...
Cold Shrink Tubing
... Cold shrink tubing is an open ended rubber sleeve, made primarily from rubber elastomers with high-performance physical properties, that has been factory expanded or pre-stretched, and assembled onto a supporting ... Cold shrink tubing shrinks upon removal of the supporting core during the installation process and the electrician slides the tube over the cable to be terminated and unwinds the core, causing the ... Cold shrink tubing is used to insulate wires, connections, joints and terminals in electrical work ...
Miyata 310 - Components
... Chromoly tubing was used for the frame ... In early years, straight-gauge tubing was used, but this was changed to double-butted tubing for the 1982 model year ... rest of the production run, triple-butted tubing was used ...
Coiled Tubing
... In the oil and gas industries, coiled tubing refers to metal piping, normally 1" to 3.25" in diameter, used for interventions in oil and gas wells and ... Coiled tubing is often used to carry out operations similar to wirelining ... However, for offshore operations, the 'footprint' for a coiled tubing operation is generally larger than a wireline spread, which can limit the number ...