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Boolean Algebras Canonically Defined - Truth Tables
... The finitary operations on {0,1} may be exhibited as truth tables, thinking of 0 and 1 as the truth values false and true ... Truth tables for the Boolean operations of arity up to 2 Constants 0f0 0f1 1 ... Unary Operations x0 1f0 1f1 1f2 1f3 1 ... Binary Operations x0 x1 2f0 2f1 2f2 2f3 2f4 ... we are here indexing the operations of a Boolean algebra by the finitary operations on {0,1}, the truth-table presentation above serendipitously orders ...
Shea Zellweger - Contribution
... identifies, specifies, and encodes the truth tables they represent, namely, TFFF, TTTF, and TFTT ... Serving as a system of highly abbreviated mini truth tables, Zellweger’s claim is that XLA is not only much easier to learn ... and when XLA is used without written laid out rows and columns of truth tables, ordinary operations in both notations are easier to perform during ...
Is Logic Empirical? - Second Article: Michael Dummett
... To grasp why consider why truth tables work for classical logic firstly, it must be the case that the variable parts of the proposition are either true or false ... Second, to be able to apply truth tables to describe a connective depends upon distributivity a truth table is a disjunction of conjunctive possibilities, and the validity of the ...

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    Eddie Felson: Church of the Good Hustler.
    Charlie: Looks more like a morgue to me. Those tables are the slabs they lay the stiffs on.
    Eddie Felson: I’ll be alive when I get out, Charlie.
    Sydney Carroll, U.S. screenwriter, and Robert Rossen. Eddie Felson (Paul Newman)

    If circumstances lead me, I will find
    Where truth is hid, though it were hid indeed
    Within the centre.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)