Trujillo, Peru - History - Pre-Columbian Era

Pre-Columbian Era

In the territory now occupied by the city of Trujillo developed several pre-Columbian cultures as Cupisnique, the mochica and ChimĂș. That is why there are numerous archaeological sites that testify the development achieved by these people as the Temples of the Sun and Moon south of the city, the Huaca del Dragon or Rainbow and Huaca Esmeralda north, and so on. However, the main urban settlement in the area due to the Chimu culture has left its legacy as part of the architecture of the city of Chan Chan, which was his capital and where it is estimated dwelt in their time of greatest expansion of approximately 100,000 people whose remains are 5 km from downtown to the northwest of the current metropolitan area. These archaeological remains of these pre-Hispanic urban sites make it clear that the present city of Trujillo was founded on an ancestral territory populated by ancient civilizations, with the arrival of the Spanish who founded new cities transmitting their culture to establish the "Viceroyalty of Peru".

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