Tropical Disturbance

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2003–04 South Pacific Cyclone Season - Season Effects
... USD) Deaths Refs 01F 1204 !December 4 – 6 Tropical Depression Not Specified 1005 hPa 02F 1216 !December 16 – 20 Tropical Disturbance Heta 1228 !December 28 ...
2012 Pacific Typhoon Season - Storms - Tropical Storm Pakhar
... Tropical storm (JMA) Tropical storm (SSHS) Duration March 26 – April 2 Peak intensity 75 km/h (45 mph) 998 mbar (hPa) On March 17, a tropical disturbance formed northwest of Palau, and was ... system extending into Vietnam, building up to the northeast of the system, the tropical disturbance slowly crossed the Visayas region and Palawan, during the next couple of ... On March 24, the JMA upgraded the system to a tropical depression, but downgraded it back to a tropical disturbance, on March 25, due to the collapsing outer ...
Cyclone Hettie (2009) - Storms - Tropical Disturbance 15F
... Tropical disturbance (Australian scale) Duration April 7 – April 11 Peak intensity 35 km/h (25 mph) 1004 mbar (hPa) Late on April 7, both the JTWC and RSMC Nadi reported that a tropical ... Early the next morning, RSMC Nadi designated it as 15F despite the disturbance remaining poorly defined ... Despite a tropical wave moving through the system on April 9, the disturbance remained poorly defined with the JTWC reporting that it had dissipated early the next day before RSMC Nadi issued their last advisory ...
Cyclone Hondo - Meteorological History
... Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) began monitoring a tropical disturbance located in the western portion of Météo-France's area of responsibility ... However, it was not operationally classified as a disturbance for another two days ... Traveling generally towards the southwest, the disturbance slowly strengthened ...
Cyclone Gael - Storms - Moderate Tropical Storm Asma
... Moderate tropical storm (MFR) Tropical storm (SSHS) Duration October 15 – October 24 Peak intensity 85 km/h (50 mph) 988 mbar (hPa) On October 16, 2008, RSMC La Réunion ... Later that evening the Joint Typhoon Warning Center issued a Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert on the system ... first advisory and designated it as Tropical Cyclone 01S ...

Famous quotes containing the words disturbance and/or tropical:

    Not a flock of wild geese cackles over our town, but it to some extent unsettles the value of real estate here, and, if I were a broker, I should probably take that disturbance into account.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave.
    Irving Berlin (1888–1989)