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Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf - Rock Trivia Contest
... intelligent and had an exceptional knowledge of rock music trivia, especially late 60s—early 70s rock music (Hank had been regularly listening to ... against Stern producer Gary Dell'Abate in a rock music trivia contest (Dell'Abate was scheduled to be a contestant on VH1's Rock Roll Jeopardy!) ... for him to sit fully upright in his chair, Hank easily won the contest ...
WISS Trivia Contest
... WISS Trivia Contest was a trivia contest that was held annually on WISS-AM between 1982 and 2005 ... The contest was billed as the "world's longest running commercial trivia contest" before the 2006 contest was canceled ...
Great Midwest Trivia Contest - History
... The contest was founded in 1966 by James Bailey deRosset as an alternate for a serious academic retreat with professors (called "Encampment Weekend") ... It may be the oldest college-based radio trivia contest in the United States ... edition on April 29, 1966 predates both the presumed May debut of the biannual Williams College Trivia Contest by a week or so and the February 1969 debut ...
Mike And The Mad Dog - Notable Moments - "Mike and The Marquis"
... During the two weeks prior to the Super Bowl, the show held a trivia contest called Mike and the Marquis ... The guest host of the contest was Russo's alter-ego, "The Marquis", a send up of the late-18th Century French Aristocrat, the Marquis de Sade, who made a yearly visit to deliver ... Roughly half of the questions were standard trivia the other half were sound clips by former players and coaches whom the listener was required to correctly identify ...

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    Weapons are an important factor in war, but not the decisive factor; it is people, not things, that are decisive. The contest of strength is not only a contest of military and economic power, but also a contest of human power and morale. Military and economic power is necessarily wielded by people.
    Mao Zedong (1893–1976)

    The most refined skills of color printing, the intricate techniques of wide-angle photography, provide us pictures of trivia bigger and more real than life. We forget that we see trivia and notice only that the reproduction is so good. Man fulfils his dream and by photographic magic produces a precise image of the Grand Canyon. The result is not that he adores nature or beauty the more. Instead he adores his camera—and himself.
    Daniel J. Boorstin (b. 1914)