• (noun): The act of adding decoration.
    Example: "The children had to be in bed before it was time for the trimming of the tree"
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Some articles on trimming:

Trimming (computer Programming)
... In computer programming, trimming (trim) or stripping (strip) is a string manipulation in which leading and trailing whitespace is removed from a string ... For example, the string (enclosed by apostrophes) ' this is a test ' would be changed, after trimming, to 'this is a test' ...
Evolution Of Hair - Removal Practices - Cutting and Trimming
... of the hair, periods without cutting or trimming the hair can vary ... Cutting hair tends to take off more hair than trimming hair does ...
Thick Film Technology - Laser Trimming of Resistors
... This process is named Laser trimming ... With laser trimming two modes are used either passive trimming, where each resistor is trimmed to a specific value and tolerance, or active trimming, where the feedback is used to adjust to a specific voltage ...
Laser Trimming - Trimming Potentiometers
... adjusting screwdriver is replaced by the laser trimming ... Often the laser for active trimming can be integrated in existing measurement systems by the manufacturer ...

More definitions of "trimming":

  • (noun): A decoration or adornment on a garment.
    Example: "The trimming on a hat"
    Synonyms: trim, passementerie
  • (noun): Cutting down to the desired size or shape.
    Synonyms: trim, clipping