Trias, the Latin word for triad or 'three', may refer to

  • Trias (orchid), a genus of orchids
  • Trias (game), a dinosaur themed board game
  • General Trias, Cavite, a municipality in the Philippines
  • the Germanic Trias, rock strata
  • the Triassic period
People with the last name Trias
  • Robert Trias, US karate pioneer
  • Xavier Trias, (Xavier Trias i Vidal de Llobatera), Catalan politician
  • Mariano Trías, Filipino patriot

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Trias (orchid)
... Trias is a genus of orchids comprising thirteen species endemic to India, Myanmar and Thailand ... It is abbreviated as Trias in horticultural trade ...
Buntsandstein - Stratigraphy
... is divided into the Lower and Upper Germanic Trias Groups ... In the Dutch subdivision, the upper two formations are part of the Upper Germanic Trias and the others part of the Lower Germanic Trias ...
List Of Characters In Planescape: Torment - NPCs - Trias The Betrayer
... Trias is a deva, a celestial being from the Upper Planes ... In the game, Trias and the Nameless One's paths cross only tangentially ... Trias has obviously met the Nameless One before, and did feel the need to lie to him and use his strength to break free, but nothing of their past is revealed or even ...
Shuri-ryū - History
... Trias was first introduced to karate while in the Navy during World War II, when he was stationed in the Solomon Islands ... In 1942 Robert Trias met T'ung Gee Hsing and began training with him ... Later Trias reportedly studied with Hoy Yuan Ping in Singapore in 1944 ...