Triadic may refer to:

  • Triadic patent, a series of corresponding patents
  • Triadic reciprocal causation, a concept in social psychology
  • Triadic relation, a mathematical concept
  • p-adic number, where p=3, a mathematical concept
  • Triad (music)

Other articles related to "triadic":

Triadic Closure
... Triadic closure is a concept in social network theory, first suggested by German sociologist Georg Simmel in the early 1900s ... Triadic closure is the property among three nodes A, B, and C, such that if a strong tie exists between A-B and A-C, there is a weak or strong tie between B-C ...
Triadic Closure - Causes and Effects
... In a trust network, triadic closure is likely to develop due to the transitive property ... In a social network, strong triadic closure occurs because there is increased opportunity for nodes A and C with common neighbor B to meet and therefore create at least weak ties ... Triadic closure is a good model for how networks will evolve over time ...
El Tintal - The Site
... Two of the largest buildings at El Tintal are triadic structures, a Preclassic Maya innovation consisting of a dominant structure flanked by two smaller inward-facing buildings, all mounted upon a single ... These triadic structures have been heavily looted ... One of the largest pyramids in the site core is a triadic pyramid estimated to have a height of 44 metres (144 ft) with a massive base measuring 105 by 78 metres (344 by 256 ...
Strong Triadic Closure Property and Local Bridges
... Strong Triadic Closure Property is that if a node has strong ties to two neighbors, then these neighbors must have at least a weak tie between them ... In a network that follows the Strong Triadic Closure Property, one of the ties between nodes involved in a local bridge needs to be a weak tie ...