Triad Boss

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Infernal Affairs II - Plot - Act 1
... is discussing the death of his first partner with Hon Sam, the triad boss in the first film ... At this point, Hon is a member of Ngai Kwun's triad family, and is also working as Wong's informant ... Mary but he is unwilling to express his feelings due to his low position in the triad ...
Rob-B-Hood - Cast
... family, kidnapped by Thongs, Octopus and the Landlord on behalf of a triad boss ... Chen Baoguo (陳寶國) as The Triad boss Having lost his only son Max, the triad boss will stop at nothing to capture the baby ... Tokyo Joe Two high ranking minions of the triad gang ...
Infernal Affairs III - Plot - Six Months Before Chan's Death
... cop Chan Wing-yan seeks to uncover the link between triad boss Hon Sam and the mysterious Mainland Chinese triad boss Shen Cheng ... Since Hon's ascension to the seat of triad boss was due to Ngai Wing-hau's death in Infernal Affairs II, Hon is suspicious of all his followers for fear they might usurp his position ... smashes one on Chan, after which Shen calls for a truce between his and Hon's triad ...

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    I have given my pain a name and call it “dog”Mit is every bit as faithful, every bit as nosey and shameless, every bit as entertaining, every bit as clever as any other dog—and I can boss it around and vent my bad moods on it, just as others do with their dogs, servants, and wives.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)