Treason Act

Treason Act or Treasons Act (and variations thereon) is a stock short title used for legislation in the United Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland on the subject of treason and related offences. These Acts may also be referred to as Statute of Treasons.

Several Acts on the subject of treason may also have different short titles, such as the Sedition Act.

The Treason Acts may refer to all statutes with this short title or to all statutes on the subject of treason and related offences.

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Treason Act 1553
... The Treason Act 1553 (1 Mary Sess 1 c 1) was an Act of the Parliament of England ... It should not be confused with another Act about treason passed in the same year, 1 Mary Sess 2 c 6.) The Act abolished all forms of treason that had been created since ...
Sedition Act 1661 - Two Witnesses Rule
... The most important feature of the Act was that it reintroduced a significant new rule of evidence in high treason trials, namely that nobody could be convicted of treason except ... willingly without violence." (This rule had previously been enacted in section 22 of the Treason Act 1547, and again in section XI of the Treason Act 1554, which however differed from the other versions by ... witnesses had to have witnessed the same overt act ...
Treason Act 1554 - Provisions - Sections 9 To 12 - Further Procedure
... Section 10 stipulated that offences against the Act which were committed "only by preaching or words" must be prosecuted within six months ... Section 11 created a new rule of evidence for cases of treason under this Act (but not other treasons) ... Different versions of this two witnesses rule were adopted in the Sedition Act 1661, the Treason Act 1695, and eventually in Article Three of the United States Constitution ...
Treason Act 1351 - Content
... The Act distinguishes two varieties of treason high treason and petty treason (or petit treason), the first being disloyalty to the Sovereign, and the second being disloyalty to a subject ... distinction was the consequence of being convicted for a high treason, the penalty was death by hanging, drawing and quartering (for a man) or drawing ... A person was guilty of high treason under the Act if they "compassed or imagined" (i.e ...
Treason Act - See Also
... List of short titles High treason in the United Kingdom Habeas Corpus Suspension Act ...

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