• (noun): Someone who adopts the dress or manner or sexual role of the opposite sex.
    Synonyms: cross-dresser
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Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang - The Story in The Song
... Apparently he has picked up a transvestite ... By then it is too late, and the transvestite is dominant and aggressive and won't let him go ... The video shows a number transvestites in the bar used body language to convey threats of physical violence should he try to reject the offer of sex ...
Benjamin Scale - Sex Orientation Scale (S.O.S.)
... Type Name Kinsey scale Conversion operation? 1 I Transvestite (Pseudo) 0-6 Not considered in reality. 1 II Transvestite (Fetishistic) 0-2 Rejected. 1 III Transvestite (True) 0-2 Actually rejected, but idea can be attractive 2 IV Transsexual (Nonsurgical) 1-4 Attractive but not requested or attraction not admitted ...
Eddie Izzard - Personal Life - Transvestism
... show, Dress to Kill, Izzard describes himself as an "executive", "action" and "professional" transvestite, as "a male tomboy" rather than a drag queen or a "weirdo" transvestite (he ... According to Izzard, "Most transvestites fancy women" ... claims that he is a male homosexual, saying he is "a straight transvestite or a male lesbian" ...
Edward D. Wood, Jr. Bibliography
... from ‘Glen or Glenda’ working as a transvestite assassin ... This story involves a transvestite cop investigating the strangling of a number of Paris strippers ... While not a transvestite-themed novel, one of the main characters does have an angora fetish ...
The Velocity Of Gary - Synopsis
... On the way, he saves a young deaf transvestite from a group of gay bashers, but regrets it afterwards because the transvestite becomes infatuated with Gary and follows him everywhere ... Gary introduces the transvestite to his friends Valentino, a former porn star, and Mary Carmen, the Latina who works as a doughnut shop waitress and is in love with Valentino, with whom she has been living for some time ...

More definitions of "transvestite":

  • (adj): Receiving sexual gratification from wearing clothing of the opposite sex.
    Synonyms: transvestic