Transition Function

In mathematics, a transition function has several different meanings:

  • In topology and in particular in the theory of manifolds, a transition function between two charts of an atlas is a map which allows to pass from one chart to the other in the region where they intersect.
  • In computing, a transition function is the function that defines the state transitions of a Turing machine, finite-state machine, or cellular automaton.
  • In statistics and probability theory, a transition function is a stochastic kernel, the conditional probability distribution function controlling the transitions of a stochastic process.

Other articles related to "function, transition function":

Atomic SP-DEVS - Formal Definition
... a finite set of states is the initial state is the time advanced function which defines the lifespan of a state where is the set of non-negative ... is the external transition function which defines how an input event changes a state of the system ... is the output and internal transition function where and denotes the silent event ...
Myhill–Nerode Theorem - Proof
... automaton corresponds to the equivalence class containing the empty string, and the transition function from a state X on input symbol y takes the ... The definition of the Myhill–Nerode relation implies that the transition function is well-defined no matter which representative string x is chosen for state X, the same transition function value will result ...
Embedded Pushdown Automaton - Theory
... state is the set of final states is the initial stack symbol is the transition function, where are finite subsets of ... Thus the transition function takes a state, the next symbol of the input string, and the top symbol of the current stack and generates the next state, the stacks to be pushed and popped onto the ... Such accepted strings are elements of the language where and defines the transition function applied over as many times as necessary to parse the ...
The Busy Beaver Game
... The machine's transition function takes two inputs the current non-Halt state, the symbol in the current tape cell, and produces three outputs a symbol to write over the ... The transition function may be seen as a finite table of 5-tuples, each of the form (current state, current symbol, symbol to write, direction of shift, next state) ... with the current tape cell being any cell of a blank (all-0) tape, and then iterating the transition function until the Halt state is entered (if ever) ...

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