Transcription may refer to:

  • Transcription (service), a business which converts speech into a written or electronic text document
  • Transcription (software), software which helps (manually or automatically) convert speech into text transcript
  • Transcription (genetics), the copying of DNA into messenger RNA in gene expression
  • Transcription (linguistics), the representation of speech in written form
    • Phonetic transcription, the representation specifically of speech sounds
  • Transcription (music), notating an unnotated piece, or copying / rewriting a piece for clarity or as an arrangement for another instrument
  • Piano transcription, a piece of music played on one or more pianos that is an approximation of a source piece of music
  • Medical transcription, documentation of patient medical records
  • Transcription disc, a sound recording made during broadcasting for internal use by the broadcasting organization

Other articles related to "transcription":

Mediator (coactivator)
... The Mediator complex is required for the successful transcription of nearly all class II gene promoters in yeast ... Mediator has been shown to associate with general transcription factors, as well as RNA polymerase II, and is essential for activator-dependent transcription ... It has also been demonstrated that the Mediator complex is involved in activator-independent transcription, implying that it may provide a fundamental control of the ...
Transcription Factor II A
... Transcription factor TFIIA is a nuclear protein involved in the RNA polymerase II-dependent transcription of DNA ... TFIIA is one of several general (basal) transcription factors (GTFs) that are required for all transcription events that use RNA polymerase II ... Together, these factors are responsible for promoter recognition and the formation of a transcription preinitiation complex (PIC) capable of initiating RNA synthesis from a DNA template ...
BCL6 - Function
... The protein encoded by this gene is an evolutionarily conserved zinc finger transcription factor and contains an N-terminal POZ/BTB domain ... This protein acts as a sequence-specific repressor of transcription, and has been shown to modulate the STAT-dependent Interleukin 4 (IL-4) responses of B cells ... several corepressor complexes to inhibit transcription ...
Transcription Factor II F
... Transcription factor IIF (TFIIF) is one of several general transcription factors that make up the RNA polymerase II preinitiation complex ... Transcription Factor IIF is encoded by the GTF2F1, GTF2F2, and GTF2F2L genes ... TFIIF binds to RNA PolII when the enzyme is already unbound to any other transcription factor, thus avoiding it from contacting DNA outside the promoter ...