Train Ferry

A train ferry is a ship designed to carry railway vehicles. Typically, one level of the ship is fitted with railway tracks, and the vessel has a door at the front and/or rear to give access to the wharves. In the United States, train ferries are sometimes referred to as "car ferries", as distinguished from "auto ferries" used to transport automobiles. The wharf (sometimes called a "slip") has a ramp, linkspan or "apron", balanced by weights, that connects the railway proper to the ship, allowing for the water level to rise and fall with the tides. For an example of a specialized slip to receive railcars see ferry slip.

While railway vehicles can be and are shipped on the decks or in the holds of ordinary ships, purpose-built train ferries can be quickly loaded and unloaded by roll-on/roll-off, especially as several vehicles can be loaded or unloaded at once. A train ferry that is a barge is called a car float or rail barge.

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London And North Eastern Railway - Ancillary Activities - Ships
... Train Ferry No.1 1917 2,683 Built in 1917 by Armstrong Whitworth in Newcastle upon Tyne for use between Richborough, Kent and Dunkirk, France ... in 1923 and in April 1924 opened the Harwich–Zeebrugge, Belgium train ferry route with her sister vessels ... Returned to LNER in 1946 and renamed Essex Ferry ...
Night Ferry - Train Ferry
... A train ferry was used between Dover and Dunkirk to convey passengers as they slept ... The train used one of the three Southern Railway train ferries SS Hampton Ferry, SS Twickenham Ferry and SS Shepperton Ferry, built in the mid-1930s by Swan ... After the loss of the MV Princess Victoria car ferry in 1953 on the voyage from Stranraer Harbour to Larne Harbour it was normal for the Hampton Ferry to go to ...
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... The Trans-Asian Railway has proposed a few train ferries between Sri Lanka and India - same gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) (Boat mail) Penang in Malaysia and Belawan in Sumatra, Indonesia - break-of-gauge 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3⁄8 in)/1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) Samsun, Turkey - Poti, Georgia. ...
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... Illichivsk was connected by freight train ferry line (426 km) to Varna in Bulgaria in 1978 ... Four train ferries two Soviet and two Bulgarian ones, named "Hero of Odessa", "Hero of Sevastopol" and "Hero of Schipka", "Hero of Pleven" which could take in three decks a total of 108 two bogie (four ... the first ten-year period (1978 - 1988), these train ferries had transported 1.000.000 freight cars between Illichivsk and Varna ...
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... To ensure that the rail tracks on the train ferry or car float and the Linkspan align precisely it is necessary for the ship to have a ledge at its stern onto which the Linkspan is rested ... These absorb the energy of the ferry’s impact, guide its stern and hold it from moving sideways when finally berthed ... As the trains roll onto or off the ship its freeboard and trim will change significantly ...

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