TPI may refer to:

  • Threads per inch, a measure used with threaded fasteners and woven fabrics
  • Thread count, or threads per inch, a measure of the number of threads in an inch of fabric
  • Twist per inch, or turns per inch, a measurement used in the yarn industry
  • Tracks per inch, a measure of tracks a floppy disk controller can use within a linear one-inch space
  • Tok Pisin (ISO 639 code), a language of Papua New Guinea
  • Tire Pressure Indicator, a product by NIRA Dynamics AB
  • Triosephosphate isomerase, an enzyme
  • True Performance Index, a measurement for AMD processors
  • Two person integrity, a security measure requiring the presence of two authorized individuals at all times
  • TPI test, used to detect presence of Treponema pallidum bacteria
  • The Town Planning Institute, later the Royal Town Planning Institute, a professional organisation in the United Kingdom
  • The Ted Petty Invitational, an annual wrestling tournament held by IWA:Mid-South to honor the late Ted Petty (Rocco Rock)
  • MNC TV, formerly TPI (Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia) until 2010, private television station in Indonesia
  • TPI Specialties, an auto parts manufacturer
  • TPI Polene, Thai cement manufacturer
  • Trading Places International, an California-based vacation services corporation
  • Tehran Psychiatric Institute
  • Third Party Inspection

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TPI Polene
... TPI Polene Public Company Limited is Thailand's third largest cement manufacturer ... TPI Polene is the sponsor of Wuachon United ...
... Identifiers Symbols TPI1 TIM TPI External IDs OMIM 190450 MGI 98797 HomoloGene 128432 ChEMBL 4880 GeneCards TPI1 Gene EC number Gene Ontology Molecular function • triose-phosphate ...
Chevrolet Camaro (third Generation) - 1989
... with the G92 option only available on the 305 TPI motor with a manual transmission and the 350 TPI only available with the TH700-R4 automatic ... IROC-Zs with the TPI 350 had the 2.77 rear axle ratio as in the previous year, but the optional RPO G92 Performance Axle package modified the ratio to 3.27 for ...
Trading Places International
... Trading Places International (TPI) is a corporation located in Laguna Niguel, California ... TPI provides a full spectrum of vacation services to vacation interval owners, resort associations and resort developers ... Similar to RCI, TPI works directly with resorts and individual owners in affiliate programs ...