Toyota ZR Engine - 2ZR - 2ZR-FAE

The Toyota 2ZR-FAE is a DOHC, 16-valve, 1.8 L (1797 cc) this engine adopts the Valvematic system. This all-new engine is progressively replacing the 1ZZ-FED and 2ZR-FE engine in most applications. Output for this engine is rated at between 105 kW and 110 kW and 173 N·m and 179 N·m of torque. Compression ratio is 10.5:1 and redline is at 6600 rpm. The engine consumes 5 - 10% less fuel than the 2ZR-FE depending on application.

  • Applications:
  • Toyota Auris (ZRE152) (Europe and Japan only)
  • Toyota Avensis (ZRT271)
  • Toyota Corolla Axio (ZRE142/144) (Japan only)
  • Toyota Corolla Fielder (ZRE142/144) (Japan only)
  • Toyota Corolla Rumion (ZRE152/154) (Japan only)
  • Toyota iSt (ZSP110) (Japan only)
  • Toyota Wish (ZGE20/25)
  • Toyota Verso (ZGR21)
  • Toyota Allion (ZRT260/265) 2010-current
  • Toyota Premio (ZRT260/265) 2010-current

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