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Marvel Toys (formerly Toy Biz and Charan Toys) is the toy division of Marvel Entertainment, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

ToyBiz originated in Montreal, Quebec as Charan Industries's American brand. Reincorporated in 1988, ToyBiz became an American firm. Toy Biz became a major producer of Marvel character toys and partially owned by Ronald O. Perelman's Marvel Entertainment Group in 1993.

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Marvel Legends - Build-A-Figure
... In 2005, Toy Biz introduced the "Build-A-Figure" (referred to as a "BAF" in the collector community) to the Marvel Legends line, starting with series 9 ... The concept was re-employed in the tenth Toy Biz series, where each figure was packaged with a piece of a mutant-hunting robot known as a Sentinel ... would include Apocalypse, Onslaught, Giant-Man, Mojo, MODOK (From Toy Biz), Annihilus, Blob, Brood Queen, Red Hulk, Sandman (Spider-Man Trilogy Limited Edition), Ronan the Accuser (Fantastic Four Limited ...
Marvel Toys - Product Lines - Playsets
... Toy Biz also focused on superhero playsets and props for Marvel, such as the Spider-Man stunt system, Hulk Hands (arm encasings that when knocked ... Toy Biz would also release twelve inch (305 mm) deluxe sized rotoscoped figures based on its X2, Hulk, and various Spider-Man lines ... Toy Biz also released 12" figures aimed at collectors with real fabric costumes ...
Toy Biz - See Also
... Marvel Legends Toy Biz v ... United States, a court case that determined that Toy Biz action figures were toys, not dolls ...
Tigra - In Other Media - Toys and Collectibles
... on Tigra's animated design was released as part of a line of Toy Biz "Avengers United" tie-in toys in 2000 ... A Tigra action figure appeared as part of Toy Biz's Marvel Hall Of Fame She Force line in 1997 ... It was a repaint of an existing Toy Biz Black Cat action figure and as such featured many details that are incorrect, giving Tigra boots and a studded collar, as well as ...

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