Toxic Assets

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Troubled Asset Relief Program - Timeline of Changes To The Initial Program
... presented by Secretary Paulson, the government would buy troubled (toxic) assets in insolvent banks and then sell them at auction to private investor and/or companies ... The first half of the asset purchases may not be effective in getting banks to lend again because they were reluctant to risk lending as before with low lending standards ... a report reviewing Section 102, the Troubled Assets Insurance Financing Fund, also known as the "Asset Guarantee Program." The report indicated that the program would likely not be made "widely ...
Subprime Mortgage Crisis Solutions Debate - Solvency - "Toxic" or "Legacy" Asset Purchases - Arguments Against Toxic Asset Purchases
... A key question is what to pay for the assets ... For example, a bank may believe an asset, such as a mortgage-backed security with a claim on cash from the underlying mortgages, is worth 50 cents on the ... The bank has no incentive to sell the assets at the 30 cent price ...
Toxic Asset - Geithner Attempt At Bail-out
... Investment Partnership (PPIP) to buy toxic assets from banks ... Private sector asset managers and the U.S ... Treasury will provide the remaining assets ...

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    America today is capable of terrific intolerance about smoking, or toxic waste that threatens trout. But only a deeply confused society is more concerned about protecting lungs than minds, trout than black women.
    Garry Wills (b. 1934)