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Tourist EP
... Tourist is an EP release by the band Catatonia that was released in Japan to promote their upcoming album Way Beyond Blue ... the other tracks (including the title track, "Tourist") are B-sides studio and live tracks ...
The Best Of The Rippingtons - Track Listing
... of Babylon" - 540 (previously unreleased) "Tourist in Paradise" - 541 (from Tourist in Paradise) "Affair in San Miguel" - 508 (from Welcome to the St ... James' Club) "Snowbound" - 453 (from Curves Ahead) "Aruba!" - 417 (from Tourist in Paradise) "Sapphire Island" - 448 (previously unreleased) "Principles of Desire" - 442 (from Sahara) "V ... Dave Karasony Jeff Kashiwa Studio albums Moonlighting Kilimanjaro Tourist in Paradise Welcome to the St ...
Lipova, Arad - Tourist Attractions
... The tourist sites of the town include both natural and anthropic elements ... Due to the abundance of tourist attractions, Lipova is an important tourism centre ...
Tourism In Comoros - Tourist Attractions
... The main tourist attractions in the Comoros are its beaches, underwater fishing, and mountain scenery ... Mohéli is a picturesque tourist attraction ...
Anekdote Zur Senkung Der Arbeitsmoral - Plot
... A smartly-dressed enterprising tourist is taking photographs when he notices a shabbily dressed local fisherman taking a nap in his fishing boat ... The tourist is disappointed with the fisherman's apparently lazy attitude towards his work, so he approaches the fisherman and asks him why he is lying around instead of catching fish ... The tourist tells him that if he goes out to catch fish multiple times a day, he would be able to buy a motor in less than a year, a second boat in less than two years ...

Famous quotes containing the word tourist:

    There is a mystery that floats between
    The tourist and the town. Imagination
    Estranges it from her. She need not suffer
    Or die here. It is none of her affair,
    Its calm heroic vistas make no claim.
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)

    Parents who want a fresh point of view on their furniture are advised to drop down on all fours and accompany the nine or ten month old on his rounds. It is probably many years since you last studied the underside of a dining room chair. The ten month old will study this marvel with as much concentration and reverence as a tourist in the Cathedral of Chartres.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)

    The modern American tourist now fills his experience with pseudo-events. He has come to expect both more strangeness and more familiarity than the world naturally offers. He has come to believe that he can have a lifetime of adventure in two weeks and all the thrills of risking his life without any real risk at all.
    Daniel J. Boorstin (b. 1914)