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Character Actor Episodes
Vadosia (Memory Alpha article) Jack Shearer (Memory Alpha article) The Forsaken (DS9)
Bolian ambassador sent to Deep Space Nine to investigate the Bajoran wormhole in 2369.
Vagh (Memory Alpha article) Edward Wiley (Memory Alpha article) The Mind's Eye (TNG)
Klingon governor of Krios in late 2367. He accused Starfleet of supplying weapons to Kriosian rebels, who sought to gain their planet's independence from the Klingon Empire. However, Lieutenant Commander Data and Geordi La Forge discovered that the weapons actually had been constructed and distributed by the Romulans. While Vagh was aboard the Enterprise-D to witness the crew's investigation into the matter, he was nearly killed by La Forge, who had been "conditioned" by the Romulans to shoot him.
Valeris (Memory Alpha article) Kim Cattrall (Memory Alpha article) TUC
Starfleet lieutenant and Enterprise-A helmsman who was complicit in the assassination of Klingon chancellor Gorkon. Kim Cattrall chose the Eris element of the character's name, for the Greek goddess of strife, which was Vulcanised by the addition of the "Val" at the behest of director Nicholas Meyer.
Valkris (Memory Alpha article) Cathie Shirriff (Memory Alpha article) SFS
An elegant Klingon agent who stole a copy of Admiral Kirk's summary of the Genesis Project. She booked passage on the Merchantman to rendezvous with a Bird-of-Prey commanded by Kruge, to whom she presented the information. When Kruge found out that she had watched the summary herself, he destroyed the Merchantman. Valkris and Kruge may have been lovers, as her final endearment to him was, "Success, my lord, and my love."
Varel (Memory Alpha article) Susanna Thompson (Memory Alpha article) The Next Phase (TNG)
Romulan officer aboard Mirok's ship who conspires with him to destroy the Enterprise-D. They decide to send a muon feedback wave along the Enterprise's power transfer beam. The muon particles would collect inside the starship's dilithium core and explode when the Enterprise engaged warp speed.
Varria (Memory Alpha article) Jane Daly (Memory Alpha article) The Most Toys (TNG)
Assistant to Kivas Fajo for 14 years. Helping Data escape from Fajo's ship led to her death.
Vash (Memory Alpha article) Jennifer Hetrick (Memory Alpha article) Captain's Holiday (TNG),
Qpid (TNG),
Q-Less (DS9)
An archaeologist, with a habit of pursuing her studies with unethical zeal as a profiteer, who falls in love with Picard. She first appeared in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Captain's Holiday," in which Jean-Luc Picard went to vacation on Risa. She had discovered the Tox Uthat, and thieves were determined to take it from her, but with Picard's help, that was avoided. During this adventure, she and Picard fell in love. They met up again in the episode "Qpid," in which Vash was annoyed to find that none of Picard's senior staff had even heard of her, although he tried to explain that he's "a very private man." Q abducted Vash and the Enterprise senior staff, casting them into a Robin Hood scenario, with Picard as Robin Hood and Vash as Maid Marian. After that, Vash went with Q to the Gamma Quadrant to scour archaeological sites there. She appeared in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Q-Less" two years later, in which she had mistaken an "egg" for an artifact which then hatched at the end of the episode as a lifeform.
Tova Veer (Memory Alpha article) Christopher Liam Moore (Memory Alpha article) Distant Origin (VOY)
Assistant to Professor Gegen
Vekma (Memory Alpha article) Laura Drake (Memory Alpha article) A Matter of Honor (TNG)
Klingon officer serving aboard the IKS Pagh in 2365. She said that Commander William T. Riker wasn't very attractive, but that she would "have him." She and Zegov were inquisitive and wanted to know how Riker would "endure" them … sexually. Before leaving the mess hall, she told Riker that she might be back for him.
V'Ger (Memory Alpha article) None TMP
A sentient being that evolved from Voyager 6, a fictitious space probe from the 20th century that vanished into a black hole and was given life by a race of living machines. The story of V'Ger and its return to Earth to seek "the creator" forms the plot for the first feature film in the Star Trek series, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. V'Ger's story is also expanded upon in novelisation, most notably William Shatner's The Return. Other novelizations and videogames have strongly implied that V'Ger was the progenitor of the Borg, or was encountered by the Borg's direct ancestors. The Gene Roddenberry-authored novelization of the movie, consistently named "V'Ger" with the spelling "Vejur" throughout the novel's text, potentially making it canonical.
Velal (Memory Alpha article) Stephen Yoakam (Memory Alpha article) Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges (DS9) recurring thereafter
Romulan subcommander who was to replace Senator Kimara Cretak at a weekly Deep Space 9 meeting while she attended a conference on Romulus in 2375. Shortly afterward, Velal was promoted to general. After all Federation and Romulan ships were rendered powerless by a Breen energy dissipation weapon, Velal was genuinely dismayed to learn that only the Klingons stood between the alliance and total defeat at the hands of the Dominion. Near the end of the war, when the Dominion pulled all its forces back to Cardassian space, Velal's instinct was to merely "contain them within their perimeter" instead of attacking. He changed his mind when Vice Admiral William Ross, Captain Benjamin Sisko and General Martok decide on the latter. (Costuming Note: Velal was outfitted in a TNG-style Romulan uniform, not the black-and-gray version adopted during DS9. His rank insignia was gold and consisted of the arrowhead and one concave crescent.)
Jason Vigo (Memory Alpha article) Ken Olandt (Memory Alpha article) Bloodlines (TNG)
Bok, a Ferengi, altered Vigo's DNA to make him appear to be the son of Enterprise Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Bok used Vigo as bait as part of a plan to avenge his son's death. (Picard had killed his son.)
Miranda Vigo (Memory Alpha article) None Bloodlines (TNG)
Mother of Jason Vigo, one-time love interest of Jean-Luc Picard.
Vixis (Memory Alpha article) Spice Williams (Memory Alpha article) TFF
Klingon first officer aboard Captain Klaa's Bird-of-Prey. She's extremely muscular with severely short hair and a no-nonsense attitude. She speaks English, as she demonstrates when responding to the Enterprise-A's hail and pretending to be Starfleet Command.
V'Lar (Memory Alpha article) Fionnula Flanagan (Memory Alpha article) Fallen Hero (ENT)
Vulcan ambassador who negotiated the first territorial accords between Vulcan and Andoria in 2097. She also met a young T'Pol at the Ka'Tann conference. In 2152, she infiltrated the government of Mazar to expose corrupt officials and had to be extracted by Enterprise NX-01.
V'Las (Memory Alpha article) Robert Foxworth (Memory Alpha article) The Forge (ENT) recurring thereafter
Vulcan administrator of the Vulcan High Command. Addressed as "excellency." Until he was removed as leader in 2154, he pursued a radical agenda that was contrary to the true teachings of Surak. He militarized the Vulcan fleet and suppressed the practice of mind melds. He was secretly working with a Romulan agent, Talok, to force the reunification of their peoples. When V'Las tried to start a war with the Andorian Imperial Guard, one of his ministers, Kuvak, shot (stunned) him, thus stopping the conflict and disbanding the Vulcan High Command.
Vorik (Memory Alpha article) Alexander Enberg (Memory Alpha article) Fair Trade (Voy) recurring thereafter
Starfleet ensign and Vulcan engineer aboard the Starship Voyager. He bears a striking resemblance to Ensign Taurik, another Vulcan engineer who served on the Enterprise-D.
Vreenak (Memory Alpha article) Stephen McHattie (Memory Alpha article) In the Pale Moonlight (DS9)
A key member of the Romulan Senate from 2360 to 2374, Vice-Chairman of the Tal Shiar, secretary of the War Plans Council, and one of Proconsul Neral's most trusted advisors. Ardently pro-Dominion, Vreenak was key in negotiating the non-aggression pact between the Romulan Star Empire and the Dominion in late 2373. However, his death caused the Romulans to join the Dominion War on the side of the Federation-Klingon alliance.

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