Todd may refer to:

  • Todd (surname)
  • Todd (given name)
  • Todd (album), a 1974 album by Todd Rundgren
  • Todd (elm cultivar)
  • Todd, California
  • Todd, North Carolina
  • Todd County, Kentucky
  • Todd County, Minnesota
  • Todd County, South Dakota
  • Todd Township, Minnesota
  • Todd Township, Fulton County, Pennsylvania
  • Todd Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania
  • Todd (Cars), a character in Cars
  • The Todd (Scrubs), a character on Scrubs
  • Todd class, a characteristic class in algebraic topology
  • Todd (Stargate), a Wraith from the series Stargate Atlantis
  • Todd-AO, a company in film post-production

Other articles related to "todd":

Frederick Todd - Design Projects
... While working under Frederick Law Olmsted's firm, Todd helped with the design plan for Mount Royal along with many Maxwell-designed houses ... It is said that when Frederick Todd began working on his own that his "influence on his home city of Montreal was profound" which included many works created for private ... Todd was also the designer for some other public spaces like Plains of Abraham and the National Capital, which was the Ottawa Improvement Commission Report (Cultivating,1), Shaughnessy Heights, Bowring Park, and ...
Genus Of A Multiplicative Sequence - Todd Genus
... The Todd genus is the genus of the formal power series with B2k as before, Bernoulli numbers ... The Todd genus has the particular property that it assigns the value 1 to all complex projective spaces (i.e ... ), and this suffices to show that the Todd genus agrees with the arithmetic genus for algebraic varieties as the arithmetic genus is also 1 for complex projective spaces ...
DCA Open Class World Champions - 1992
... of Harrison, New Jersey Repertoire The Ballad of Sweeney Todd) by Sondheim, Stephen My Friends (from Sweeney Todd) by Sondheim, Stephen Worst Pies in London (from Sweeney Todd) by ...
Todd (album)
... Todd is a double album by Todd Rundgren, released in February 1974 ... Todd also tinkers with the synth-heavy progressive sound he would take further with his later band Utopia ... wall poster all the lyrics appeared on one side, while the other was Todd's cover portrait in shades of fine print, consisting of the names of 10,000 fans who had sent in the postcard included with A Wizard, A True Star ...

Famous quotes containing the word todd:

    Beautiful, glorious Scotland, has spoilt me for every other country!
    —Mary Todd Lincoln (1818–1882)

    My evil genius Procrastination has whispered me to tarry ‘til a more convenient season.
    —Mary Todd Lincoln (1818–1882)

    You don’t have power if you surrender all your principles—you have office.
    —Ron Todd (b. 1927)