Tobias Whale

Tobias Whale is a comic book villain, a fictional character created by Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden as Black Lightning's nemesis. He first appeared in Black Lightning #1 (April 1977).

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Tobias Whale - In Other Media - Television
... (voiced by Glenn Shadix) is a synthesis of Tobias Whale and Stefano Mandragora (a mobster who plays a role in the Huntress' comic book origin) ... Tobias Whale will appear in Beware the Batman ...
The Penguin - Fictional Character Biography - Post-Crisis
... He fought a gang war against Tobias Whale and Intergang while supposedly running an "underground railroad" for criminals ... The Penguin later met up with Tobias Whale in order to negotiate with him ... The Penguin and Tobias Whale were then fighting each other as Robin, the Huntress, Batgirl, and the fourth Wildcat all got involved ...
Gotham Underground - Plot
... Their meeting is interrupted by Tobias Whale who announces his intention of taking control of Gotham's underworld ... snitch and then lead an assault on the Iceberg Lounge, Scarecrow leads them into a trap by Tobias Whale ... Whale then betrays him, leaving him beaten and tied-up, though alive (but barely), as a sign to all "masks" that they are not welcome in Whale's new vision of Gotham ...
Dr. Jonathan Crane - Publication History
... He later leads the same four into a trap orchestrated by Tobias Whale ... Peyton Reily, the new Ventriloquist, is unharmed, though after the attack she is taken away by Tobias Whale's men ... Whale then betrays Scarecrow simply for touching his shoulder (it is revealed Whale almost pathologically hates "masks" because his grandfather was one of the first citizens ...
Gotham City - Atmosphere - Gotham Underground
... Taken over by Tobias Whale ... Odessa Crime Family (Ukrainian) - Arms dealers taken over by Tobias Whale ... They successfully take down Penguin's gang and buy out Tobias Whale to gain full control ...

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