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Toa Mata/Toa Nuva

The chosen guardians of the Great Spirit Mata Nui, destined to awaken him if he would ever fall. They were known as the Toa Mata, six Toa warriors. In Matoran, "Toa Mata" literally means "Spirit heroes" or "Heroes of the Spirit." After their transformation in Energized Protodermis, they became the Toa Nuva, with improved armor, weaponry, and masks. They then added the suffix "Nuva" to their name, (meaning "New") and masks. After donning Artakha's Adaptive Armor, they were able to master any environment with its ability to adapt to the current situation. Tahu, Gali, and Onua dispatched themselves to the Karda Nui Swamp of Secrets, while Lewa, Kopaka and Pohatu left for the skies and stalactite villages to rescue the Av-Matoran. After using legendary Keystones to power the Codrex dome, Energy Storms raged throughout Karda Nui, killing every Makuta there (minus Krika and Icarax, who were killed earlier by Gorast for speaking against Teridax's plan). The storms confirmed that they succeeded in their ultimate quest to awaken Mata Nui, unaware that Makuta Teridax had taken over his body. They led a resistance movement against that same being. Because of Spherus Magna's reformation, Tahu's transformation, and Mata Nui's last wish (to find the Great Beings), the team has currently apart on different missions. They also have their own agility and long jumping.

Tahu's team has been known as the Mistika, in the Matoran language translating to "spirits of the swamp", with their armor adapting to a swamp environment with aerial capabilities armed with Nynrah Ghost Blasters. Kopaka's team also received a Matoran term, "spirits of the skies", or Phantoka, armed with Midak Skyblasters.

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