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Episode 5: Part of It All

In the writers' room, Hunter, Jeff, Heidi, Susan and Larry sit around a table and discuss what Episode 5 will be about. As a running joke, every time the city will play in is said, a sound effect blocks it out. The team decide that parodies are the best ways to create exposure for . The discussion is interrupted by Jeff who updates the Showcial Network Chart and by Hunter parodying the YouTube video Leave Britney Alone. Jeff interrupts his own sequence to update the ability Board and is again interrupted by Hunter who parodies the YouTube video of Miss Teen South Carolina.

Heidi enters the scene and accidentally mentions that the out of town trial will take place in San Francisco. Susan then confesses to the audience that because no arrangements have been finalized, the city the out of town tryout had not yet been revealed. This episode has brief cameos from actors Sean Palmer and Barrett Foa.

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