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Sur Les Rives

From late 2009 to 2011, Titi Robin works in his triptych Les Rives, a long-term project that is close to his heart: producing a recording in each of these three countries, India, Turkey and Morocco, around his repertoire with local musicians. This local CD production destined for a local public was a way to repay the cultures that had influenced him, something he considered his duty. As a second step, the three CD’s are grouped together for a European and international distribution.

In parallel with these record productions, Titi Robin has not stopped touring in France and internationally. Nominated for the "Victoires de la Musique" in 2012 in the category "World Music", he seized the opportunity to publish a very critical stand on such a media event:

«...In my career, I have carefully avoided any competition. First and foremost, in the act of creation, there is no price, no trade, no competition. The aesthetic quest is the only motive...»

The release of the compilation Les Rives at a concert at the Arab World Institute in Paris in November 2011, brought together a new formation with Murad Ali Khan (sarangi), Sinan Çelik (kaval), El Mehdi Nassouli (guembri, vocals), Ze Luis Nascimento (drums) and Francis Varis (accordion). The orchestra has performed regularly on stage since 2012 and 2013.

In July 2011, he presented in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and New Delhi a quartet composed around him, Murad Ali Khan (sarangi), Vinay Mishra (harmonium) and Ninayat Netke (tabla) for the release of his Indian record Laal Asmaan.

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