Tint (magazine)

Tint magazine is a quarterly global zine and independent magazine published in Detroit, Michigan. Though its motto "Celebrating Women of Every Color" targets all women, the magazine typically covers issues from the voices of women of color, and often from a politically left-wing perspective.

Tint began as a multicultural women's webzine, first published in 2004 by then college freshman Margarita L. Barry on the campus of Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. Created as a response to the lack of diverse faces and voices in mainstream women's publications, the first issue of Tint was launched in PDF format online that May. Barry never intended for the magazine to be a campus publication, though a misquote in the University's weekly newspaper, The BG News hinted otherwise.

Tint has been loosely linked to several subcultures and movements, including Transculturation, DIY Culture, Arts and Crafts Movement, Anarcho-punk, Afro-punk, Zine, Feminism, Black Feminism, Grassroots, and Activism.

To date, Tint has featured cover stories on a unique blend of women including actress/vocalist Alisa Reyes, actress/vocalist Persia White, and recording artist Goapele, all celebrities of multiethnic heritages with notable grassroots arts or activism involvement. In addition to celebrity interviews, Tint also regularly features stories on everyday women who are making their own individual impacts on the world. The publication maintains a small but relevant cross-cultural readership and following.

Tint is rumored to be taking a more local slant in the year 2007, incorporating both digital and print editions.

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