Time Turing Machine

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Advice (complexity)
... an advice string is an extra input to a Turing machine which is allowed to depend on the length n of the input, but not on input itself ... is in the complexity class P/f(n) if there is a polynomial time Turing machine M with the following property for any n, there is an advice string A of length f(n) such that ... a polynomial size Boolean circuit A(n) deciding the problem, we can use a Turing machine that interprets the advice string as a description of the circuit ...
ZPP (complexity) - Witness and Proof
... Definition A verifier V for a set X is a Turing machine such that if x is in X then there exists a string w such that V(x,w) accepts if x is not in X, then for all strings w, V(x,w) rejects ... the input) which can be efficiently verified (V is a polynomial-time deterministic Turing machine), the string w is called a witness ... If V is a probabilisitic Turing Machine which could possible accept x if x is in X, then the proof is the string of coin flips which leads the machine, by luck, intuition ...

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