Time Machine

  • (noun): A science fiction machine that is supposed to transport people or objects into the past or the future.

Some articles on time machine, time:

Spare Time Machine
... Spare Time Machine is the third album by Pepe Deluxé, released in 2007 ... Spare Time Machine was ranked as one of PopMatters' Slipped Discs 2007 ...
List Of Time Travel Science Fiction - Time Travel in Science Fiction Films
... Time travel is a common theme and plot device in science fiction films ... Below are examples of science fiction films that incorporate time travel. 1960 The Time Machine George Pal Loose adaption of H ...
The New Adventures Of The Time Machine
... The New Adventures of the Time Machine is an adventure video game released in 2000, developed and published by Cryo Interactive Entertainment ... Wells' novella The Time Machine The game features Real time 3D animation in pre-rendered sets, using the 'Warp' technology ... The Master of the Hourglass Khronos, is the only one who can restore the balance of time, and help you find your own time again ...
List Of Super Friends Episodes - Super Friends Episodes - Season 6: 1980–81
... When the Wonder Twins try to help they have a hard time dealing with the cycle gang and the danger at hand ... call was actually a trap to get Wonder Woman and The Atom to test out his new time machine ... pressing buttons attempting to escape but actually starts the Time Machine to send The Atom and herself to December 1776 ...
Chad, Matt & Rob - Interactive Adventures
... Adventure" to describe their 2008 film The Time Machine An Interactive Adventure the project was the first interactive movie of its kind ... The Time Machine (November 11, 2008) is the first narrative Choose Your Own Adventure-style film on the internet ... and follows the boys as they travel through the centuries in a time machine disguised as a trash can, all while running from government agents seeking ...

Famous quotes containing the words machine and/or time:

    I find it hard to believe that the machine would go into the creative artist’s hand even were that magic hand in true place. It has been too far exploited by industrialism and science at expense to art and true religion.
    Frank Lloyd Wright (1869–1959)

    The world was not created once and for all time for each of us individually. There are added to it in the course of our life things of which we have never had any suspicion.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)