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Blinovitch Limitation Effect - The New Series
... attempt to cross their timestreams a second time and not to touch her infant self ... Reapers, which proceed to "sterilise" the resulting wound in Time by devouring everything in sight ... The loss of the Time Lords and their stabilising influence on time due to the Time War is hinted at in "Father's Day" itself, "The Unquiet Dead" (2005 ...
The Also People
... example, they live inside a Dyson Sphere), with abilities rivalling those of the Time Lords as such, they have been kept in check by the Time Lords to prevent them from ... This had led to tense relations between the Time Lords and The People ...
Type 40 - General Characteristics
... mercury (used in its fluid links), the rare ore Zeiton 7 (Vengeance on Varos, 1985), a trachoid time crystal (The Hand of Fear, 1976) and "artron ... The latter is a form of temporal energy, generated by Time Lord minds, which is also said to help power TARDISes (The Deadly Assassin, 1976 Four to Doomsday, 1982 "Death of the Doctor", 2010 "The Doctor's Wife ... fully functional, it must be primed with the biological imprint of a Time Lord, normally done by simply having a Time Lord operate the TARDIS for the first time ...
Lucie Miller - Character History
... an unwilling passenger in the TARDIS, having seemingly been placed with the Doctor as part of a Time Lord witness protection programme ... Lucie tells the Doctor that the Time Lords have placed her in his care because she has seen something important, but doesn't know what ... reveal much of the mystery surrounding Lucie the Time Lords learned that the Celestial Intervention Agency have been tracking Lucie because they ...
Reset (Torchwood) - Plot - Continuity
... to "The Sound of Drums" and "Last of the Time Lords", where the Doctor created three TARDIS keys equipped with perception filters, making themselves unnoticed or 'invisible' ... After the airing of "Last of the Time Lords", the accompanying Martha Jones' MySpace blog included the line "PS And I've just had an email offering me a job if I pass my exams! You ... Stratagem" to be Thomas Milligan from "Last of the Time Lords" ...

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    set upon a golden bough to sing
    To lords and ladies of Byzantium
    Of what is past, or passing, or to come.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    The times are so peculiar now, so mediaeval so unreasonable that for the first time in a hundred years truth is really stranger than fiction. Any truth.
    Gertrude Stein (1874–1946)