Tiling may refer to:

  • The physical act of laying tiles.
  • The mathematics of tessellations.
  • The compiler optimization of loop tiling.
  • In computing, a tiling window manager, where windows do not overlap.
  • In computing, a tiled rendering, the process of subdividing an image by regular grid.

People with the surname Tiling:

  • Reinhold Tiling, German rocket pioneer.
  • Heinrich Sylvester Theodor Tiling, physician and botanist.

Other articles related to "tiling, tilings":

Snub Heptagonal Tiling
... In geometry, the order-3 snub heptagonal tiling is a semiregular tiling of the hyperbolic plane ... The snub tetraheptagonal tiling is another related hyperbolic tiling with Schläfli symbol s{7,3} ...
Apeirogonal Prism - Related Tilings and Polyhedra
... The apeirogonal tiling is the arithmetic limit of the family of prisms t{2, p} or p.4.4, as p tends to infinity, thereby turning the prism into a Euclidean tiling ... to the uniform polyhedra and the uniform tilings, eight uniform tilings may be based from the regular apeirogonal tiling ... number of unique forms to four the apeirogonal tiling, the apeirogonal hosohedron, the apeirogonal prism, and the apeirogonal antiprism ...
List Of Canada's Worst Handyman 2 Episodes - Episode 4: Clear As Mud - Tiling
... Jeff – Jeff has issues with tiling largely from not using the notched trowel to create the grooves needed to hold his tiles in place, causing mortar to fill the gaps ...
Medial Rhombic Triacontahedron - Stellation - Related Hyperbolic Tiling
... It is topologically equivalent to a quotient space of the hyperbolic order-5 square tiling, by distorting the rhombi into squares ... of index two Note that the order-5 square tiling is dual to the order-4 pentagonal tiling, and a quotient space of the order-4 pentagonal tiling is topologically ...