The thumb is the first digit of the hand. When a person is standing in the medical anatomical position (where the palm is facing to the front), the thumb is the outermost digit. The Medical Latin English noun for thumb is pollex (compare hallux for big toe), and the corresponding adjective for thumb is pollical.

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Thumb Position - On Cello
... than half of the fingerboard, nearest the top of the instrument), the thumb rests on the back of the neck ... However, in thumb position, the thumb usually rests alongside the fingers on the string and the side of the thumb is used to play notes, along with the other left-hand fingers ... Thumb position can be, and is (by virtue of the requirements of the extensive repertoire) employed many times, and not only in the higher range of the instrument ...
Thumb - Evolution - Other Animals With Opposable Digits
... Many animals also have some kind of opposable thumb or toe ... An animal species is said to have opposable thumbs if the thumb is capable of bending in such a way that it can touch all the other digits on the hand or foot ... Most species do not have opposable thumbs ...
The Tragedy Of Tragedies - Plot
... difference between the general plot outline of Tom Thumb and The Tragedy of Tragedies, but Fielding does make significant changes ... He completely removed a scene in which two doctors discuss Tom Thumb's death, and in doing so unified the type of satire that he was working on ... The ghost of Tom in Tom Thumb is replaced by the ghost of Gaffar Thumb, Tom's father ...
The Tragedy Of Tragedies
... known as The Tragedy of Tragedies or, The Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great, is a play by Henry Fielding ... and reworked version of one of his earlier plays, Tom Thumb, and tells the story of a character who is small in stature and status, yet is granted the hand of a ... Additionally, in a reaction to the view that Tom Thumb was a burlesque, Fielding replaced some of the humor in favor of biting satire ...
Thumb Position
... In music performance and education, thumb position, not a traditional position, is a stringed instrument playing technique used to facilitate playing ... player shifts his or her hand out from behind the neck and curves the hand, using the side of the thumb to press down the string in effect, the side of the thumb becomes a movable nut (capo) ...

Famous quotes containing the word thumb:

    Give a lift to a tomato, you expect her to be nice, don’t ya? After all, what kind of dames thumb rides, Sunday school teachers?
    Martin Goldsmith, and Edgar G. Ulmer. Charles Haskell, Jr. (Edmund MacDonald)

    I had a consuming ambition to possess a miller’s thumb. I believe I have never since wanted anything more desperately than I wanted my right thumb to be flattened as my father’s had become, during his earlier years of a miller’s life.
    Jane Addams (1860–1935)

    Your small hands, precisely equal to my own—
    only the thumb is larger, longer—in these hands
    I could trust the world, or in many hands like these,
    handling power-tools or steering-wheel
    or touching a human face ...
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)