• (noun): Someone who projects something through the air (especially by a rapid motion of the arm).
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Lagori - Additional Rules
... In any of the three tries, if the thrower's ball does not knock down the pile and is caught by an opponent after the first bounce then the thrower is out ... If the thrower's ball bounces off the pile and an opponent catches it then the thrower's whole team is out ...
List Of The Seventh Tower Characters - Thrower
... Thrower is an Underfolk who likes to throw molten crystals on anyone who interrupts his job (hence his nickname) ... Thrower lost his balance and fell into the molten crystals that surrounded him ... The death of Thrower gave Tal a completely different view to the lives of the Underfolk ...
Sinta Ozoliņa-Kovala
... Sinta Ozoliņa-Kovala (born 26 February 1988 in Riga) is a Latvian javelin thrower ... Championships where she won the silver medal and was beaten only by Ukrainian javelin thrower Vira Rebryk ... She is married to javelin thrower Ainārs Kovals, who won silver at the 2008 Summer Olympics ...
Cyclobe - Background
... Thrower and Brown met in the early 1990s through their mutual association with Coil ... Thrower joined Coil for their first album in 1984, he left in 1993 (having worked on the albums Scatology, Horse Rotorvator and Love's Secret Domain) and went on to form the ... Thrower is also a film journalist and author of "Beyond Terror The Films of Lucio Fulci" and "Nightmare USA" ...
... A spear-thrower or atlatl (i/ˈɑːt.lɑːtəl/ i/ˈæt.lætəl/ Nahuatl ahtlatl ) is a tool that uses leverage to achieve greater velocity in dart-throwing, and includes a bearing surface which allows the ... The spear-thrower is held in one hand, gripped near the end farthest from the cup ... The spear-thrower is a low-mass, fast-moving extension of the throwing arm, increasing the length of the lever ...

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  • (noun): A person who twists silk or rayon filaments into a thread or yarn.
    Synonyms: throwster
  • (noun): A craftsman who shapes pottery on a potter's wheel and bakes them it a kiln.
    Synonyms: potter, ceramicist, ceramist