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Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor - Second Generation (1998-2011)
... The P71 zip tube (the flexible rubber hose between the throttle body and MAF outlet) is also used to reduce NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) as well as transfer air from the airbox to the ... From 2005 - on the throttle body is no longer manually operated via cable but an electronic Drive-By-Wire (DBW) set up ...
Internal Combustion Air Filters
... is usually placed inside a plastic box connected to the throttle body with ductwork ... Older vehicles that use carburetors or throttle body fuel injection typically use a cylindrical air filter, usually a few inches high and between 6 inches (150 ... This is positioned above the carburetor or throttle body, usually in a metal or plastic container which may incorporate ducting to provide cool and/or warm inlet air, and secured with a metal ...
Honda Insight - Second Generation (2009–) - Powertrain
... the conventional metal cable that usually connects the pedal to the engine’s throttle body ... In the drive-by-wire system, the engine’s throttle body is controlled by the powertrain computer in response to the gas pedal position—allowing the ...
Throttle Body Spacer
... A throttle body spacer is usually a 1-inch (25 mm) thick piece of metal that is bolted to the inlet of the throttle body downstream of air flow into the ...
Lincoln Town Car - First Generation (1981–1989) - 1985 Facelift
... This replaced the throttle-body fuel injection system that had been used previously ... cast aluminum upper intake manifolds with horizontal throttle body (vertical throttle plate), replacing the more traditional-looking carburetor-style throttle body with top-mounted air cleaner of ...

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