Thousand Sons

Thousand Sons

In the table-top wargame Warhammer 40,000, the Chaos Space Marines or Chaos Marines, are Space Marines who serve the Chaos Gods. They are also referred to as the Traitor Legions, primarily in background material written from the perspective of the Imperium.

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Forces of The Chaos Space Marines
... the Chaos god Khorne Death Guard, devoted to the Chaos god Nurgle Thousand Sons, containing many sorcerers, devoted to the Chaos god Tzeentch Black Legion ... Another appearance is made in the Space Wolves story "Sons of Fenris", where a group of Night Lords are fighting against Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane and his cadre of Wolfguard ... Examples of given Space Marine chapters include the Sons of Malice, the Damned Company of Lord Caustos, the Violators, the Steel Cobras, the Thunder Barons, the Sons of Vengeance, the Silver Guards and ...
Supreme Grand Master Azrael - Chapter Structure - 'Lost' Legions and Primarchs
... In The First Heretic, Magnus, Primarch of the Thousands Sons, rebukes Lorgar, Primarch of the Word Bearers, for attempting to bring them up in conversation ... These chapters are also referenced in A Thousand Sons and Prospero Burns wherein it is revealed that the two "deleted" legions were destroyed by the Space Wolves under orders from the ... be found in False Gods, Mechanicum, The First Heretic, A Thousand Sons, Prospero Burns and The Lightning Tower (Dan Abnett) ...
Horus Heresy (novels) - Synopsis - Book 11 To Book 20
... A Thousand Sons all is dust.. ... A Thousand Sons is the story of Primarch Magnus and the "Thousand Sons" Space Marines, the 15th Legion it mainly takes place before the Heresy begins ... (the "Space Wolves"), to Prospero, the Thousand Sons Legion's in‑series home world ...
Supreme Grand Master Azrael - Chapter Structure - Traitor Legions
... Thousand Sons XV Magnus the Red (The Crimson King) ... Wolves, but apparently not destroyed) Planet of the Sorcerers (Eye of Terror) The Primarch of the Thousand Sons became fascinated by sorcery and during one of his rites, despite already having ... Wolves could reach Prospero, Horus contacted Russ and convinced him to destroy Magnus and the Thousand Sons ...

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