Thoma is a version of Thomas, originating from Aramaic t’om’a, meaning ‘twin’, and may refer to:

  • Antonius von Thoma (1829–1897), German Roman Catholic archbishop
  • Busso Thoma (1899–1945), German army officer; hanged for his part in the July 20 assassination attempt on Hitler
  • Dieter Thoma (b. 1969), German Olympic ski jumper
  • Georg Thoma (b. 1937), German Olympic skier
  • Godfrey Thoma (born 1957), Nauruan politician
  • Hans Thoma (1839–1924), German artist
  • Hans Thoma (engineer), Germany engineer, inventor of the bent-axis axial piston pump/motor, the "Thoma-design", USPTO patent No. 2155455, 1935.
  • Heinrich Thoma (b. 1900, d. unknown), Swiss Olympic rower
  • Kurt Thoma (1901–1971) German naval captain
  • Ludwig Thoma (1867–1921), German author, editor, and publisher
  • Maralyn Thoma, American soap opera television writer
  • Thoma (scholar) (died 1127), Moorish Spaniard author and scholar
  • Thoma Avenir, a one of the main characters in the manga Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force
  • Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma (1891–1948), German army officer
  • 5492 Thoma, main-belt asteroid
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... Thoma Avenir, while travelling, discovers a girl named Lily Strosek trapped inside a strange research facility ... When Thoma rescues Lily from her confinement, she grants him a new magical device that refers to itself as one of these Dividers ... Before long, Thoma and Lily find themselves caught up in the ambitions of the Huckebein family and the investigation of the Bureau ...
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... Ludwig Thoma (January 21, 1867, Oberammergau – August 26, 1921, Rottach) was a German author, publisher and editor, who gained popularity through his partially exaggerated description of everyday Bavarian life ... Thoma satirized Bavarian rural and small-town life ... Thoma's dramas, including Die Medaille (1901), Das Säuglingsheim (1913), and especially Moral (1908), reflect elements of folk theater ...