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Tell Me On A Sunday (album) - Track Listing
... One "Take That Look Off Your Face" "Let Me Finish" "It's Not The End Of The World (If I Lose Him)" "Letter Home To England" "Sheldon Bloom" "Capped Teeth And Caesar Salad" "You Made Me Think ...
Seekers Of The Sky - The World
... and he shall be given the Word, and that Word shall be greater than all the world's treasures, and if he can do what is destined, to turn human kind to the light, the sin shall be redeemed and I shall ... The history of the world without iron followed a completely different path from ours ... In this world, Europe is dominated by a single country, known simply as the State ...
The World, The Flesh, And Father Smith - Plot Summary
... bringing the grace of God to weak human beings seduced by the devil’s ancient lures of the world and the flesh ...
Seven Great Lords Of Narnia - The Seven Noble Lords - Lords Mavramorn, Revilian and Argoz
... only way to awaken the three sleeping lords is to sail voluntarily to the end of the world or as close as possible, and to leave behind at least one member of the crew ... him that Reepicheep, Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace are to continue on towards the end of the world, but that the other crew members are to go back ... This requirement is fulfilled, Reepicheep goes on towards the end of the world, as he has always wished, the three children are sent back to England, Caspian marries Ramandu's ...
Skeeter Davis Discography - Singles
1962 "Where I Ought to Be" 9 — — — "The Little Music Box" 22 — — — "The End of the World" 1 ... — Skeeter Davis Sings "The End of the World" 1963 "I ... Notes A^ "The End of the World" also peaked at #18 on the UK Singles Chart ...

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    Upon entering my vein, the drug would start a warm edge that would surge along until the brain consumed it in a gentle explosion. It began in the back of the neck and rose rapidly until I felt such pleasure that the world sympathizing took on a soft, lofty appeal.
    Gus Van Sant, U.S. screenwriter and director, and Dan Yost. Bob Hughes (Matt Dillon)

    And I threw a little earth
    on the pink coffin
    covered by the fake plastic grass
    and said O.K., God,
    if it’s the end of the world,
    it must be necessary.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    I know some of my self-worth comes from tennis, and it’s hard to think of doing something else where you know you’ll never be the best. Tennis players are rare creatures: where else in the world can you know that you’re the best? The definitiveness of it is the beauty of it, but it’s not all there is to life and I’m ready to explore the alternatives.
    Martina Navratilova (b. 1956)