The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions

The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions is a book by Mark Lewisohn, first published in 1988 by Hamlyn (a division of the Octopus Publishing Group), and executive produced by Norman Bates for the record company EMI. It gives a complete history of The Beatles' recording sessions, from 4 September 1962, shortly after the Beatles had returned to England from Germany, to 2 April 1970, when their final album, Let It Be, was mixed. It features facsimile reproductions of some the EMI recording documents on the sessions.

The book includes an interview with Paul McCartney and remarks by the other three Beatles, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, by producers George Martin and Phil Spector, and by some of the session musicians that performed on the Beatles’ songs.

The 204 page book was first produced in 1988 by EMI in Europe, printed and bound in China and produced, also in 1988, by Toppan for the Asian market and by Harmony for the United States, under the title The Beatles Recording Sessions. In 2004, it was re-produced by EMI to be sold at other markets worldwide.

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