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Mission to Mars features an Alien mom, voiced by Alicia Keys; an alien baby named Boinga, voiced by Shakira Lipscomb; and R. O. V. E. R., a dog-like surface vehicle, as guest stars. In the UK version of the show, the baby alien is voiced by Maria Darling, but this has the unfortunate effect of having the baby sound exactly like Tasha (also voiced by Darling); given that Tasha is seen providing the "boinga, boinga, boinga" sound during the pre-imaginary portion of the episode, however, this may be intentional. Alicia Keys' vocal is not affected by the normal "Anglicization" that is common in the UK version of the show. Aliens that resemble Boinga are also featured in several other episodes, either alone or in groups: one appears at the end of News Flash, a group of them appear in Los Galacticos and two of these aliens, named Blaarg and Hugs, are major characters in The Big Dipper Diner.

Tale of the Mighty Knights has an egg which makes its own unique sound. It is called Eggbert by Uniqua & Tyrone, Eggwin by the Grabbin' Goblin (Austin), and Eggy by the Flighty Fairy (Tasha). The egg later hatches into a baby dragon, which the king names Dragon. The dragon is voiced by Adam Pascal. The sequel, The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon, features both Dragon and a larger (and meaner) red dragon, who changes to turquoise-colored when tamed in the episode's end.

A giant clam also appears as a minor antagonist in both The Legend Of The Volcano Sisters and The Great Dolphin Race. The clam pants and acts like a dog. The Great Dolphin Race also featured 'Sea Squirt', a dolphin Uniqua finds in a sunken ship, and 'Blue Streak', a racing dolphin owned by racer Tyrone.

Secret Mission and It's Great To Be A Ghost! include voices near the end of the episode that do not come from any of the main characters. They're rumored to have come from Evan Lurie, one of the show's composers. There are also announcer voices at the beginning of the newscast in Newsflash, and throughout Tale of the Mighty Knights.

Caveman's Best Friend featured a dinosaur pup named Boy, who was Austin's pet during the episode. A similar-looking dinosaur appeared during To the Center of the Earth.

Robot Rampage featured a robot named Roscoe and an entire army of roller-skating robots.

Elephant On the Run featured an Asian Elephant that Pablo and Tyrone must deliver to a nature preserve.

The Amazing Splashinis featured a sea monster that sneaks into a theme-park swimming pool.

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