Thaification is the process by which people of different cultural and ethnic origins living in Thailand become assimilated to the dominant Thai culture, or more precisely, to the culture of the Central Thais. Thaification is a step in the creation in the 20th century of the Thai nation state where Thai people occupy a dominant position, away from the historically multicultural kingdom of Siam.

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Thaification - Policies - Increasing The Role of The State
... The backs of Series 14 and 15 100-baht banknotes first announced 20 October 2537 BE/AD 1994 and continued unchanged on the Series 15 of 22 October 2547 BE/AD 2004, depicted boys receiving instruction at a Buddhist wat in days of old pupils at a modern school flying the national flag and the inscription (in translation) "Education in our nation is of the first importance/therefore I shall diligently improve it./Thus remarked Rama V." These were replaced without fanfare by Series 15 (Revised) 19 September 2548 BE/AD 2005, to depict Rama V freeing the slaves ... All images of all Thai baht banknotes and coins have also been removed from all related Wikipedia articles, except for the one on Thai baht in the Thai language ...