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Seven Mass Media - Fourth Screen
... The seventh mass media channel (mobile) is often also called the fourth screen (or third screen) with Cinema the first, TV second and PC the third screens of life or with the third screen TV and ... The seven mass media taxonomy allows comparisons and contrasts also with mass media that do not feature moving images, i.e ... The fourth screen is mainly used in the advertising and media space with the explanation and use of digital signage ...
LGBT In Japan - Homosexuality in Modern Japan - Popular Culture - Mass Media
... Some entertainers have used stereotypical references to homosexuality to increase their profile ... Razor Ramon Sumitani a.k.a ...
Mass Media - Future
... but only as a philanthropic venture." Jim Pinkerton said in 2006 of the future of mass media, "Every country with ambitions on the international stage will soon have its ...
Constantin Schifirneţ - Professional Life
... is one of the first Romanian researchers who have scientifically researched the topic of mass media and brought a valuable contribution to the development of this subject in the Romanian research ... conducted several academic studies on the impact of mass communication on public opinion formation ... with Ovidiu Bădina, he coordinated the volume Youth and Mass Media ...
Seven Mass Media
... The seven mass media, or often used as "seventh mass media channel", to draw attention to the latest mobile phones as a mass medium, are a new concept and neoliberalism ... The seven mass media categorization has emerged soon after mobile phones were recognized as a new and unique mass media channel ... The strongest proponents of the seven mass media taxonomy tend to be companies closely involved in mobile telephony ...

Famous quotes containing the words media and/or mass:

    The media have just buried the last yuppie, a pathetic creature who had not heard the news that the great pendulum of public conciousness has just swung from Greed to Compassion and from Tex-Mex to meatballs.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)

    ... the mass migrations now habitual in our nation are disastrous to the family and to the formation of individual character. It is impossible to create a stable society if something like a third of our people are constantly moving about. We cannot grow fine human beings, any more than we can grow fine trees, if they are constantly torn up by the roots and transplanted ...
    Agnes E. Meyer (1887–1970)