Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Major Divisions - Correctional Institutions Division

Correctional Institutions Division

The Correctional Institutions (CI) Division, which operates secure correctional facilities for adults, has its headquarters in the BOT Complex in Huntsville. TDCJ-CID, formed in 2003, was a merger of the Institutions Division, the Operations Division, the Private Facilities Division, and the State Jail Division.

The division operates prisons, which are facilities for people convicted of capital offenses and people convicted of first, second, and third degree felony offenses, and state jails, facilities for people convicted of state jail felony offenses. Before the 2003 formation of the Correctional Institutions Division, the Institutional Division operated prisons and the State Jail Division (TDCJ-SJD) operated state jails. As of 2010, of the counties in Texas, the five with the highest numbers of state prisons and jails were Walker, Brazoria and Coryell (tie), and Anderson and Liberty (tie).

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