Terri is an alternative spelling of Terry. It is a common feminine given name and is also a diminutive for Teresa.

People with the name Terri include:

  • Terri Allard, an American country/folk singer/songwriter
  • Terri Blackstock, a Christian fiction writer
  • Terri Brosius, an American musician and voice actor
  • Terri Lyne Carrington, a jazz drummer, composer, and record producer
  • Terri Clark, a Canadian country music artist
  • Terri Colombino, an American actress
  • Terri Lynn Doss, an American model and actress
  • Terri Dwyer, an English actress
  • Terri-Rae Elmer, a radio news announcer
  • Terri Farley, an American writer
  • Terri Fields, an American book writer and teacher
  • Terri Garber, an American actress
  • Terri Gibbs, a Grammy Award-nominated American country music artist
  • Terri Hardin, a Muppet puppeter, actress and stand-up comedienne
  • Terri Hawkes, a Canadian actress
  • Terri Hendrix, contemporary folk singer-songwriter from Texas
  • Terri Irwin, an Australian, American-born naturalist, author, and owner of Australia Zoo at Beerwah, Queensland, Australia
  • Terri Ivens, an American actress
  • Terri Jentz, an American writer
  • Terri Kimball, an American model and Playmate of the Month
  • Texas Terri (formerly Terri Laird), a punk rock singer and songwriter from Texas
  • Terri Lynn Land, a Michigan Secretary of State
  • Terri McCormick, a Wisconsin State Representative
  • Terri Minsky, an American television writer and producer
  • Terri Nunn, an American singer and actress
  • Terri O'Connell, a former motorsports racing champion
  • Terri Poch, an American bodybuilder and former professional wrestler
  • Terri Psiakis, an Australian comedienne and a presenter on radio and television
  • Terri Rogers, a transsexual English ventriloquist and magician
  • Terri Runnels, a former World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Federation professional wrestling manager, television host and occasional wrestler
  • Terri Schiavo, diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state (PVS) for several years
  • Terri Seymour, a British television presenter
  • Terri Treas, an American actress, writer and director
  • Terri Utley, a beauty queen and motivational speaker
  • Terri J. Vaughn, an American film and television actress
  • Terri Walker, an English R&B and soul singer-songwriter
  • Terri Sue Webb, an activist
  • Terri Welles, an American actress and adult model
  • Terri Windling, an American editor, artist, essayist, and the author of books for both children and adults

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