Some articles on tensions, tension:

Monastery Of Saint Fana - Tensions
... Many foreign media have reported the attack "Egyptian Christians, Muslims clash, killing one (Reuters/may 31), "One killed, four injured in Egypt monastery clash," (AFP/31 May) ... The Los Angeles Times (11 June) placed the attack in the context of other violence directed against Copts ...
Two-Headed Poems
... The tension of their desire for separation and their inescapable connection evokes the French-English tensions in Canada and Quebec separatism ... These tensions are also evoked in the image of two deaf singers, an image which implies that that neither English-Canada nor Quebec listens to each other ... on a more personal level to refer to the tensions between lovers ...
Mosque Of Omar (Bethlehem) - History - Tensions
... At the request of the Chinese government, we have not received or dealt with him given his separatist ambitions for Tibet.. ... Given our friendly relations with the Chinese government, which supports the Palestinian people, we asked the local (Bethlehem) authorities as well as civil society groups not to receive him and they acquiesced with our request ...
Melchior Ndadaye - Presidency
... years of minority Tutsi rule, so as not to exacerbate tensions ... Despite his cautious approach to the presidency, some of his actions nevertheless provoked tensions in the community ... by the newly-free press, who began reporting in such a way as to inflame ethnic tensions ...

Famous quotes containing the word tensions:

    The three of them are enveloped
    turning now to go crosstown in their
    sense of each other, of pleasure,
    of weather, of corners,
    of leisurely tensions between them
    and private silence.
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)

    It is just possible that the tensions in a novel of murder are the simplest and yet most complete pattern of the tensions on which we live in this generation.
    Raymond Chandler (1888–1959)